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Why Google Street View|Trusted?

Unlike our competitors who sell simple virtual tours filed on a website, we integrate our virtual tours directly into the Google’s search engine (consulted by 96 % of Kiwi Internet users) and directly accessible from the company page (Google Address) which is displayed either by typing in the name of trade + city or by association of keywords. This virtual visit is also accessible by Google Maps and Street View.


How is a Street View|Trusted Virtual Tour going to help my business?

Being on The Google’s database represents a strong potential in terms of referencing on the web. Added to this is the indexing of keywords, categories, various information contained in the Google Address.

We call this “natural referencing”, and it’s the most efficient way to be visible. With millions of searches done daily, you have better chances to be found straight away.

Our customers are surprised to see their company page appear on the first page of results while their website appears only in the fourth or fifth page!


Is it only about pictures?

No! The process includes:

• The 360 virtual tour pictures,

• Their integration on Google Maps / Street view,

• The creation of your “Google My Business” page,

• The creation of your Google + page,

• 15 HD photos (Statics),

• Checking and update of your business information on Google

• Optimization of your organic referencing on Google

• You get the unlimited rights of your digital pictures



How much does a tour cost?

It is very affordable, but the price may vary depending on the size of your business, the amount of work that we need to achieve to make the virtual tour. Please call 0204 0990 819 or fill up our form to get a quote.


How long does a virtual tour take to photograph?

As seen above, this may depend on your business size. The average time is around 2 hours.


What do you photograph?

During our visit, we take pictures of the spots accessible to the public and those that you want to show off. We attach particular importance to your needs. We don’t take pictures of private places, such as offices, restrooms, and local rooms; unless you need it.


What about the privacy?

Normally we schedule the photo shots before or after the opening hours. But, if it’s not possible, we do blur the people’s faces in accordance with Google’s protocol to ensure that people who appear on the pictures, cannot be recognized.


What is the best time of day to schedule a virtual tour photo shoot?

We can schedule it at any moment of the day unless our photographers already have bookings. The best moment is before or after your company’s opening hours to avoid disturbing patrons or employees and mainly customers.